The Strength of Inclusion: Wheelchair Basketball

August 7, 2013

0:03 we support on playing sports actually hold me

0:06 pulled me back to life I had never been to

0:10 United States and I was so wondering

0:13 what the environment will be like here and and I want to see

0:18 ankle I'll key see handicaps

0:21 I created in view here want to compare

0:24 with for with my own country right now even today there are lots of

0:29 a handicapped physically and get people who cannot even go out

0:32 to the streets and I and II country and I'm actually one of them

0:37 to do is a and now welcoming

0:42 and and positive

0:45 um educational system here

0:48 for so I so that's how it

0:51 have shoes have people should be treated

0:55 and I should be cards I love the city

1:00 the athletes and also there

1:03 accessory to use and conveniences further established in

1:07 in this country and I so did the

1:11 here day players coach

1:14 relations relationships to we don't have in Turkey

1:18 so I to I so that's how I should stop behave if I become a coach

1:23 is and I so yeah training sessions here

1:27 def different kind of training sessions a learned a lot of things a

1:31 in the past few days I've met a lot of people

1:34 and I'm happy to be here