Museums Connect: Raising Disability Awareness in New York and Spain

December 4, 2014
[Narrator]: Museums Connect is a terrific program that brings like-minded communities together to explore important issues that touch us all, such as climate change, women's
empowerment, disability awareness and civic engagement. 
[Michelle Lopez, 2013-2014 Museums Connect participant, "emPOWER Parents" program, Queens Museum, NY]: So the emPOWER Parents project was, we were fostering a cross-cultural network between family in Queens, New York and Madrid, Spain to create a network for families that have children with an autism spectrum disorder and so there were seven sessions total. During these sessions, parents created the curriculum they designed all of the supports that the children needed and then they were actually delivered during the sessions. It looked like a art making session but there was a lot happening during that time. 
[Jacqueline Moore, parent participant, "emPOWER Parents" program, Queens Museum, NY]: It was just a wonderful experience connecting with families from Spain. We were really able to contribute on a more global level in terms of just information about disabilities and just about how we perceive disabilities here in the United States.
[Alicia Gomez, 2013-2014 Museums Connect participant, "emPOWER Parents" program, Museo ICO, Spain]: We can share this experience with other museums and to implant this model to do their workshops throughout the country.
[Michelle Lopez]: The sessions to empower parents will continue so they will still be a virtual connection. The families still stay in touch with each other, so that's really important. But the project will expand to include new families as well. So they have a lot of support to continue access and initiatives in museums throughout Spain.
[Jacqueline Moore]: It's important to provide our children with as many opportunities as possible to engage in society. It was just really, empowering!