International Woman of Courage May Sabe Phyu

March 22, 2016
Women are not always victims. 
We are peacemakers.
We are change makers.
We are movers and shakers to have ability to change our society.
I'm May Sabe Phyu. I come from Burma. I'm here to receive 2015 International Woman of Courage Award.
As the Director of the Gender Equality Network in Burma, a coalition of more than 90 organizations collaborating to advocate for women's rights, May Sabe Phyu is leading civil society efforts to end discrimination against women in ethnic and religious minorities. And she insisted that women play a role in rebuilding after conflict subsided.
For her efforts, she faced criminal charges, harassment, and fines. For her leadership in advocating for the full and equal rights of women in ethnic and religious minorities in Burma, we honor May Sabe Phyu as a Woman of Courage.
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Telling people what I've been seeing, what I am hearing, from my own people with my heart, all of this brings me to gain a lot of courage, you know, to stand and fight.
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I'm May Sabe Phyu and I am a Woman of Courage.
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