Gazal's #MyPride Story

October 6, 2016
Hello, I’m Gazal.
I live and work in Mumbai. I’m a screenwriter.
And I’m here in your lovely city of Washington, DC on the International Visitor Leadership Program on transgender rights.
Pride comes from you. If you are somebody who believes in the rights of everybody. If you stand for the rights of every minority, regardless of race, caste, sexuality, and gender.
My pride comes from the fact that I cohabit this planet with you and that we both are working together towards making a better, safer, happier world for everyone. 
My pride also comes from my parents who loved me through the impossibly difficult journey of gender dysphoria. And I want to salute all the parents and families who do that for their kids. Who place the happiness of their kids before the thought of “what will the people say?”
However, if you are not one of anyone of these I’m not losing hope. Here in the International Visitor Leadership Program I’ve realized that there’s enough of us who are working really hard and sooner than later I hope that you too will give me a chance to be proud of you. 
Thank you.

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