Fulbright on board The Millennial Trains Project

June 9, 2015
Millennial Trains Project to me, it's like classroom on the train.
This is a special classroom, you are not just learning about from, your mentors or from your instructor, but you learn about from other 24 Millennials.
The Millennial Trains Project is an initiative created by Patrick Dowd.
He brings together 25 entrepreneurs, social innovators, artists, and agents of change of the United States, and across the world, to advance their own individual projects, little to create a community of
friendship and networks.
Being on the train, it helps me, personally I've made connections.
With every single person on this trip, we have found something that we have in common.
So we are ambassadors, as" Fulbrighters". We are ambassadors, to the United States, to other Americans.
Not only we, as people from different countries, we learned a lot from you, but I think this is a mutual experience, it's you can learn from us.
Mainly I've got inspiration from every single person and I have never felt so capable of doing everything.