Fulbright On Board Millennial Train: Saja's Story

July 16, 2015
[Train sounds]
My Name is Saja, and I am from Iraq.
The Millennial Trains, is a trip across the United States.
Conducting research in each city.
I am awarded a Fulbright scholarship, to study environmental science and policy.
For me, my project, I am here because I am conducting research about the best practices in urban agriculture.
There are many problems in my country, and I find that environment is the least address problem.
Many of Iraqi cities now are food, war zones. So we want just to, I want to just have creative ideas
about how to increase their food, and maybe they can plant their produce. If they cannot get it  from outside the city.
Especially for Iraq, there is a lot of misconception about my country.
When people see me, they will know ok, there is this girl from Iraq, she is Muslim, she is open, she wants to create change in her community.
I'm Saja, I am from Iraq, I am Fulbrighter,  on MTP train.

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