Former U.S. Men's National Soccer Team Members Travel to Cyprus

September 17, 2012

So, Tony, how did you get involved in this program?

Anthonny Sanneh:
Well, I got involved through U.S. Soccer. Obviously, I played for U.S. Soccer for many years. Since retiring, I've done some stuff with the federation.

I reached out to them and they had this great opportunity for me to work with the government and spread some goodwill and soccer around.

Great, now, tell me what are you doing here today?

Today, we're working at a clinic. This is a local club, an academy, in Cyprus. We're trying to get the landscape and sharing ideas of how we do stuff in America
and how they do stuff there and kind of develop partnerships and really try to let the world know what we do in soccer in America and some of our leadership practices and youth development.

And how they differ or how they're similar?

I just got here, so I haven't seen that much yet, but so far the people have been friendly. Obviously, I think both places are great vacation spots for the other.

I think we're working to interact with the rest of the world and get more people from Cyprus to come to America and go to our schools and universities and vice versa.

I think America is on a path where we're trying to learn about other countries. Sometimes we kind of look within. This is a great place for us to reach out to, and a good vacation spot, too.

Great. Thank you.

Tell me a little bit about this program

Sasha Victorine:
First of all, I'm just excited to be here. Happy for the opportunity to meet kids of a different background and just to see what they're being taught and talking with their coaches is exciting.

The program gives you a great opportunity to not only show what the US is doing in soccer, but to talk with the coaches here and see what they're doing, the Cypriots, for their youth.

And how did you get involved with this program?

Just fortunate, being with the U.S. national team and having the opportunity to get out here because of them to get involved in a great idea.

The great thing about U.S. Soccer is that they encourage the development of kids, no matter who they are, not just in the United States, but all over the world, to play soccer and to enjoy the opportunity to get out and interact with your friends and build some self character.

So, it's a great opportunity for them. It's a great opportunity for us just to be here. Thank you.