Comedy and Disability Breaking Down Barriers #ADA25

July 23, 2015
But you know I am very grateful for the ADA it's opened a lot of doors for me automatically. 
[Audience Laughs]
Disability isn't often talked about. when you talk about different civil rights issues.
I think it is really important to use comedy when you talk about disability because it kind of breaks that barrier down, everyone loves to laugh and everyone has that kind of common bond. 
Hello my name is Judy Heumann, I am the Special Advisor for International Disability Rights, for the U.S. Department of State. Many of our embassies and consulates, are having viewing parties, so that people can see the performance live. For me comes, is a great medium to discuss disability. Comedy makes you laugh, comedy makes you think.
I do think that people take my disability, very seriously, and I do not. I joke about it all the time. 
State Department has been supporting bringing disabled people from all over the world to come to the United States through it's International Visitors Leadership Program. We have 53 disabled people from countries in every region. I think its one perfect method, for other countries, probably or other persons with disabilities to blend art with their disabilities to pass the message across, so that it becomes a tool of awareness. 

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