American Music Abroad - Wordsmith on Tour and in Studio

August 18, 2017
0:00 [Wordsmith rapping]
0:11 Very thankful to continue to work with the State Department,
0:13 and a lot of people probably don't know they do some really cool stuff.
0:16 I've toured with them,
0:17 I'm in here doing this studio gig today.
0:19 They really try to do some great things, and connect with the world.
0:22 [Wordsmith rapping]
0:30 Anytime you can use music as your medium,
0:33 to express yourself,
0:34 or bridge gaps between cultures where you may not speak the same language,
0:37 you may not have the same values,
0:39 music is a common factor in all these things.
0:42 [Wordsmith rapping]


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