#ADA25 Virtual Comedy Club featuring Josh Blue

July 23, 2015
I'm pretty sure, right about now you're thinking I thought this event was about the ADA not the homeless. How did this guy get in here?
Hi! My name is Josh Blue I am a stand up comedian and I am here to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ADA.
I guess realize through my comedy, I've helped to bring disability into the lime light. And ugh, what I wanted you guys to know, is, that wasn't my intention. 
I mean humor is universal. Again, it's putting people at ease, it's making people see how comfortable I am, with it. Disability is one of those topics that is very taboo still. And by me coming in and showing laugher and humor about it really puts people at ease with what I am trying to get across. 
My name is Naddy Zialor, I am from the Seychelles, I am a member of the national council on the disabilities in my country. 
I am on the International Visitors Leadership Program. Yesterday, we have Mr. Josh, who came to give us a comedy. And I have to say that it's my first time that I laughed for almost one hour, non-stop. It was more than great. 
But the most important thing is, there was a message that Mr. Josh was broadcasting to the world. And I think that message was clear, is participation and inclusion of disabled persons across the board and across the world.