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IVLP Volunteerism: United We Serve

Volunteerism: United We Serve An International Visitor Leadership Program

IVLP Recognizes Peace Corps 50th Anniversary

Photo of IVLP and Peace Corps Participants

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the PeaceCorps, emerging leaders from 50 different countries were nominated to take part in a special initiative of the International Visitor Leadership Program called "The Spirit of Volunteerism."

UGRAD Alum Organizes Charity Run Across Ukraine

Ugrad Alum, Andriy Maksymovych, raised over $50,000 in donations for premature infants in Ukraine

While studying in the United States, Eurasian Undergraduate Exchange Program (UGRAD) alum Andriy Maksymovych met an activist who biked across the U.S. to raise money for charity. Andriy decided to adapt the idea to raise money for premature babies in his native Ukraine.

Fulbright Day of Service 2010

Each year, Fulbright foreign students volunteer in Washington, D.C.

Participants in the Fulbright Foreign Student Program met in Washington, D.C., to learn about social entrepreneurship and take part in community service projects.

The Spirit of Volunteering

IVLP Alumni Apostolos Aristeidou

Hip-hop organizer Apostolos (Tolis) Aristeidou learned an profound lesson on volunteerism during his time as an International Visitor in the U.S.- and he plans to bring this new found spirit back to his home country, Greece.

The Spirit of Volunteerism in Zambia

IVLP Zambia

During his time in the United States as a participant in the International Visitor Leadership Program, Mark Chilongu of Lusaka, Zambia was struck by the way in which Americans shared their time and resources to care for the poor.

In Service of the Heart

Branislava Blagojevic

Branislava Blagojevic, an A-SMYLE alumna who lived in Colorado during her program, talks about her exchange program experience.