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Professional Fellows Explore Religious Freedom in a Modern Context

The launch of a new Professional Fellows On-Demand Program titled, “Religious Freedom and Interfaith Dialogue Exchange,” focuses on connecting spiritual and community leaders and building interfaith cooperation in multiple settings.

Mongolian Leaders Visit U.S. to Learn About Disability Rights

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A delegation of 8 Mongolian disability rights advocates, including the Minister of Population and Development, Members of Parliament, and representatives of civil society, visited the U.S. on a Professional Fellows On-Demand exchange program to learn about the Americans With Disabilities Act.

2014 Alumni Impact Award Winners Selected for the Fall 2014 Professional Fellows Congress

The Professional Fellows Program is pleased to announce the four 2014 Alumni Impact Award (AIA) recipients, whose program participation generates long-term impact on their communities.

Professional Fellows Program: Building Connections between the Philippines and the U.S.

The Professional Fellows Legislative Process and Governance Program brings emerging leaders from around the world to the United States for intensive fellowships designed to broaden their professional expertise.

From Professional Fellow to Lifelong Friend

Leslie Jensen, Vice President and Commercial Banker at First Interstate Bank, has always been interested in learning more about people and places outside of the United States. After hearing about the Professional Fellows Economic Empowerment Program, she felt a strong connection to the goals of the program and decided to host a participant from Burma.

Building Strong Ties Through Friendship

A “teacher at heart,” John Balsam has long been interested in hosting international visitors. Sharing his experiences with them and learning from them, he says, has given him a new perspective on the United States and the challenges it faces.

Minh on a Montana Farm

Minh Dang of Vietnam set specific goals for himself while participating in the Professional Fellow’s Economic Empowerment Program.

Professional Fellows Programs

Two Professional Fellows Program participants

We're building a network of professional leaders around the world.

Increasing Mutual Understanding Between Morocco and America

Samira Idelcadi, a Moroccan alumna of the 2006 Professional Fellows Program, is the January International Exchange Alumni Member of the Month.

Cross-Cultural Exposure: An Interview with Polly McKinney

In Kenya, Maasai women networked with eight American women to nurture entrepreneur spirit.

In September 2008, eight American women traveled to Kenya to develop empowerment networks with Maasai women.