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Ukrainian Youth Gains His Confidence in Iowa

The FLEX program provided Ukrainian high schooler Vadym Bilous with an opportunity to boost his confidence by stepping outside his comfort zone and being exposed to new experiences.

FLEX Celebrates 21st Year

The Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) celebrated the end of its 21st year with approximately 168 students of this year’s 800 scholarship recipients.

Iowa Host Family All-Stars Form Lifelong Bonds

“You’re making a huge impact on someone’s life, and it doesn’t end when they leave to go back home.”

A Year of Highlights for High School Students with Disabilities

This academic year (2012-2013), 30 FLEX, YES and A-SMYLE students with disabilities traveled thousands of miles from home to learn, grow, and contribute to their American host communities.

A Lesson in Politics and Compassion

It’s just amazing to learn how the government works here. I was a legislative page for two weeks in the state legislature and that was something I never imagined.

Creating Change for the Disabled

Yerasyl Toleugazimov, a citizen of Kazakhstan, spent his junior year of high school in Lacey and summarized his experience saying, "I learned new things that changed me."

Volunteering to Create Change

I learned to see things that I never noticed before. I became a new person ready to do something good and helpful for people.

After FLEX, ‘There is Absolutely Nothing I Can’t Do’

Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program participant Anton Meshkov traveled from a bustling city in Russia to the small, sprawling American city of Shevlin, MN.

Experience America through a High School Exchange

Youth exchange participant and host family.

Every year, the State Department brings almost 2,000 high school students from almost 50 countries to live with an American host family and go to high school for a year.

A New Generation of FLEX Arrives in the United States

My mother was telling me stories about her exchange year since I was 11 years old. She encouraged me to come to the United States.