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Assistant Secretary Royce Remarks at the EdUSA Forum

International students are welcome in the United States. We want future students and their families to see the United States as a welcoming destination to earn their degrees.

LGBTI International Students Reflect on EducationUSA Interactive

panelists sitting at table

The video feature students from England, Jamaica, Pakistan, and Thailand who reflect on their EducationUSA panel experience.

Expansion of the EducationUSA Academy

The EducationUSA Academy aims to prepare international youth to pursue higher education in the United States by providing participants with the information, skills, and experience needed to submit strong applications for admission to U.S. colleges and universities.

6th Annual EducationUSA Forum Convenes U.S. Higher Education Institutions and Overseas Advisors

The EducationUSA Forum connects U.S. institutions with EducationUSA advising centers overseas to develop comprehensive and innovative strategies for recruiting, retaining, and engaging international students on U.S. campuses.

EducationUSA Website

Screenshot of the EducationUSA website

The new and improved EducationUSA website for international students interested in U.S. study, U.S. higher education representatives, and foreign institutions and governments!

International Education is Trending!

See how EducationUSA works with higher education representatives and their advising centers around the world in this inside look at the 2014 EducationUSA Forum in Washington, D.C.

5th Annual EducationUSA Forum Convenes U.S. Higher Education

The fifth annual EducationUSA Forum will take place in Washington, D.C. June 23-25, bringing together more than 60 EducationUSA regional experts and 550 U.S. College and association representatives.

Simon Nascimento Talks About EducationUSA

Simon Nascimento speaks about EducationUSA

Simon Nascimento talks abouts the effects EducationUSA has had on his life.