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U.S. Returns Lost Treasures of Korea

Priceless treasures from Korea’s Joseon Dynasty are on a journey home, after the U.S. government returned two royal seals to dignitaries from the Republic of Korea during a June 30 ceremony in Washington.

United States and Peru Extend Memorandum of Understanding, Over 2,000 Items Have Been Repatriated

This week, the United States and Peru will extend their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to continue import restrictions on archaeological and certain Colonial period material from all areas of Peru.

In Ancient Cities Reclaimed from ISIS, Restoration Work Begins

As ISIS is driven back from conquests in northern Iraq and Syria, a challenge looms: cataloging the damage to cultural sites and treasures from antiquity, repairing what can be fixed, and figuring out how to let people see them again.

ECA Launches Cultural Heritage Preservation Online Distance-learning Course in Afghanistan

A new online training course has launched on cultural heritage site preservation and management.

Protecting Cultural Patrimony: Pueblo of Acoma

Native man looking past the camera with the words "Protecting Cultural Patrimony" superimposed to the right of his face.

The State Department opposes the sale of Cultural Patrimony.

Stolen Egyptian Treasures are Homeward Bound

With its rich cultural history stretching back to the time of the pharaohs, Egypt has long been an inviting target for looters

ECA Recognized for Protecting Cultural Heritage

The Archaeological Institute of America cited the State Department’s long history in leadership in this area, especially as a market-country leader in implementation of the UN treaty of trafficking in cultural property, as well as extensive work in protecting Iraqi antiquities.

United States and Italy Mark Fifteenth Anniversary of Memorandum to Protect Italian Cultural Heritage

On January 19, 2016 the Governments of the United States and the Italian Republic extended for the third time.