"The Other Iran" A Lecture by Rudi Mathee and Fariba Amini

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University of Delaware

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Higher Education (university, college, community college, etc.)


Monday, November 6, 2017



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Gore Hall Room 308

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The U.S. media often portrays Iran as an oppressive country, a land inhabited by fanatics who never stopped chanting “Death to America” and ruled by a clerical regime that poses an imminent nuclear threat to the world. In reality, Iran is an amazingly diverse, culturally rich society that cannot be reduced to its government. Some Iranians accept their leaders, others reject or work around them, but they are all proud of their long history, love to quote poetry, and are remarkably open to the world. Rudi Matthee, UD Distinguished Professor of History, and his wife, journalist Fariba Amini, who spent three weeks in Iran in the early summer, will offer a glimpse of this kaleidoscopic society with a lecture illustrated with slides and short videos. Presented by the UD Center for Global & Area Studies and Islamic Studies Program. This event is presented as a part of UD's Global Month, an annual celebration of international education on the University's campus. View a full schedule of events online at http://www.udel.edu/global/iew.

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Nikki Laws


Communications Specialist, Institute for Global Studies

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Free and Open to the Public.