MELA (Drama, Putli Tmasha, Drawing Competition on Girls Education Theme)

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BASE Consultants

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Non-governmental organization (Non-profit group, community group, volunteer organization, etc.)


Friday, November 3, 2017 to Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Rehman Sahoo Ka

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Girls Primary School

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The village, Rehman Sahoo Ka, is located on the west bank of river 'Satluj', and situated in a far flung, remote area of district Okara, Punjab. Whereas local villagers (Majority) do not like their girls to get education due to long standing religio-cultural reasons. The educational consultant, 'Samia Firdous', took responsibility of management of an abandoned government girls primary school through a Public Private Partnership programme. She mobilized the community for sending their daughters to the school and get education. Her efforts bore fruits and now in school there are more than 100 girls enrolled; the number is rising day by day. The events are part of the drive for girls education.

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Samia Firdous - Raza Qazi



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Free and Open to the Public.