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Celebrate #CulturalDiplomacy with us by sharing a part of culture, whether it be an art exhibit, concert, or food that moved you.
Native man looking past the camera with the words "Protecting Cultural Patrimony" superimposed to the right of his face.
The State Department opposes the sale of Cultural Patrimony.
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As we wrap up 2016, here is a short video to highlight some fun and exciting moments for Exchange Programs this past year.
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We asked our American English community: Why do you love English? We received nearly 100 video submissions from all over the world. Here are some of the responses.
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Video of Center Stage group, Democratoz, a band from Algeria that celebrates the way music can connect people throughout the world.
Jaya is a transgender woman who has evolved from a peer educator to a Program Manager for Sahodaran, a community based organization working with the LGBTI community and HIV/AIDS issues.