A Step Towards World Peace: Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program
"I got to know more about [the people I met here], their culture, their history, the things they believed, and because of this, I understand [now] why they behave the way they do. I think it is a very important step towards world peace." - Francisca, from India on the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program.
Mifdal Bouchaib: Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program
"The idea of being a leader was not in my mind [before], but now I have courage to play a role in my school. [TEA] gives us hope that we can be leaders." -Mifdal Bouchaib, from Morocco on the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program
Empowering Women & Girls Through Sports
In the midst of the NCAA's March Madness, the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs announced an international sports exchange that brought 18 teenage girl athletes and 6 female coaches from all corners of the globe to Washington, D.C., and Denver, Colorado as part of the Empowering Women and Girls Through Sports Initiative.
Study Abroad, Make a Difference
National Security Language Initiative for Youth alumni talk about their exchange experiences.
Lena learned Turkish and learned about a very different culture as a participant in the NSLI-Y program
The NSLI-Y Program is a program that helps American students study abroad to learn foreign languages that are deemed critical by the U.S. government.
Belgian-American fashion designer, Diane von Fürstenberg, speaks at the 2010 AWEP conference
Diane von Fürstenberg speaks at the The African Women's Entrepreneurship Program event in Washington, D.C.