This annual International Visitor Leadership Program exchange welcomes British Members of Parliament to the United States to explore U.S. politics and the legislative process at both federal and state levels.
Dean holding a 4th of July cake
July 4: Happy Independence Day! July 4th marked Dean's first full day in the Kyrgyz Republic.The morning started out overcast and drizzly, which was just what Dean needed after multiple days of 95+ degree weather.
Dean running with water bottle in his hand
Dean started today at the Aisha Bibi, an 11th century mausoleum that serves as a monument to love and faithfulness. Today marked the end of Dean's first Kazakhstan leg.
Dean runs past the town banner
July 2 saw Dean run 47 miles (76 kilometers) from Qazygurt to Shymkent, Kazakhstan. For the departure from Qazygurt, Dean was joined by youth and local runners who came out early in the morning to see him off.
Dean Karnazes and group of kids smiling
Today Dean started the day with a running tour of Tashkent. From there Dean hit the road for a 13-mile run to the border between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan crossing over to be greeted by hundreds of people.
Dean behind the talk show microphones with the radio staff
Dean Karnazes participates in a live chat ta Radio ORIAT FM in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.