Mona Taha Abdel Alim Attia

Mona Taha Abdel Alim Attia

Content created by Virtual Intern Radha Varadan

Mona Taha Abdel Alim Attia is a prominent Egyptian women’s rights activist who first visited the United States through the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) and defines it as a life-changing experience that helped her eliminate many stereotypes about the United States. Ms. Attia wrote a story inspired by her IVLP and the diversity of her fellow participants called, “A Singing Bird in Washington, D.C.” In her writing, she explores stereotypes based on religion and culture and shows that our basic humanity has the potential to bring us together. Ms. Attia’s work to empower women in Egypt includes creation of a leadership program that has trained more than 700 women. Her work on the gender imbalance in business in Egypt has shown women business owners new income generating activities. Since her IVLP, Attia has shared with Egyptians her firsthand experiences of life in the United States. She is proud to have stayed in touch with fellow IVLP participants and continues to draw support and inspiration from the group. Mona Taha Attia is an influencer seeking to build a better life for Egyptians by empowering women.

Content edited by Sallie Bestul, Regina Navarro-Gomez, and Jenna Williams

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