The Evaluation Division of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA)  is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of ECA’s educational and cultural programs which foster mutual understanding, build knowledge and skills, and provide opportunities for cross-cultural learning and immersion, to both American and global participants.

The Division’s work consists of two types of initiatives designed to assess the effectiveness of ECA’s programs: performance measurement and evaluations. The data and information provided by our work enables program staff and senior management to both assess goal achievement and plan future programs.

Evaluation and Performance Measurement Initiatives


  • Consist of outcome evaluations
  • Are retrospective and encompass cross-cutting themes
  • Incorporate case studies to highlight findings
  • Provide data for program planning and goal setting

Performance Measurement Initiatives

  • Monitor the Bureau’s programs to track results
  • Establish baselines and collect end-of-program, and follow-up data from participants
  • Compare data across the three points to assess effectiveness
  • Provide data for program planning and goal setting

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