Through both implementing partner and internal data collection efforts, ECA is collecting data at multiple stages during an exchange’s lifecycle to measure the full impact of our programming. The Evaluation Division focuses on bringing together data collected by implementing partners and collecting monitoring data at one and five years following the completion of exchange programs. Our efforts:

  • Provide information used to assess program performance;
  • Inform strategic planning activities at both the Bureau and individual exchange program levels;
  • Supplement the information that ECA program officers receive from their implementing partners and exchange participants to provide a comprehensive view of programmatic activities; and
  • Allow the Bureau to respond more quickly and reliably to ad-hoc requests from Congress, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and internal DOS stakeholders.
New ECA Performance Monitoring System

New ECA Performance Monitoring System

The ECA Evaluation Division is creating a new performance monitoring system (watch this brief video for more information) with input from ECA program officers, senior leaders, and current and potential award recipients. The documents below are the notes taken during the focus group discussions with award recipients that are being utilized to help inform the development of the new results framework. If you have any questions, please let us know: