Understanding Education USA and scholarship opportunities

Name of Organization

Yerima Balla International Education

Type of Organization

Non-governmental organization (Non-profit group, community group, volunteer organization, etc.)


Sunday, November 10, 2019 to Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Adamawa State, Gombi Local Goverment

Location (i.e. library or community center)

Teachers house Gombi local Government

Description (no more than 300 words)

The event is targeting about 500 students from different schools across the state to educate them about Education US, Programmes, fellowships, internships and scholarships opportunities that are available at US embassy Nigeria .This event will mentor the students, and equipped them wide knowledge on how to apply for Education US, full bright, MWF, scholarships, internships , fellowship , grant and scholarships opportunities. I have discovered there are many International opportunities at US embassy but only few people knows about it hence I want educate people of my community to know so that they can access to all these opportunities and Apply for it.

Contact Name

Amb Buhari Yerima Balla



E-Mail Address




Event Access

Restricted Access. Contact event organizer for details.