Spiritual responses to the world’s hungers: spiritual, bodily, communal, An Interfaith Dialogue

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Adelphi University

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Government (U.S. federal, state, or local level)


Friday, October 11, 2019 to Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Garden City

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Adelphi University Adelphi Room, Nexus Building Room 239

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It was Frederick Buechner who said that each of us is called to become persons who engage in life where our “deep gladness” meets the “world’s deep hungers”. In heartfelt conversation with spiritual leaders from various traditions who have attempted to shape their lives by this dictum - whether spending time in monasteries to learn to listen to their heart’s longing or putting themselves in situations where they had to face some of the world’s worst atrocities - we will hear stories of courage, self-discovery, and dedication to compassionate service and justice. We will also pose our own questions and then sit with them in meditation, aiming together to feel deeply the cries of the world and to discern how we may be called to lives in service of a world that uplifts and affirms the dignity of all. This event features authors, thought leaders, and activist who work at the intersection of spirituality, mindfulness, and justice here in New York, as well as internationally - in order to speak to pressing issues of global concern.

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Vardha Kharbanda


Graduate Assistant

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United States

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Free and Open to the Public.