Photo Contest Announcement

Name of Organization

Henderson State University

Type of Organization

Higher Education (university, college, community college, etc.)


Friday, November 22, 2019



Location (i.e. library or community center)

Reddie Cafe (Henderson State University)

Description (no more than 300 words)

Current Students who had studied abroad will submit their pictures when they studied in a different country for a chance to win prizes. Pictures will be displayed in the Student Center. There will be winners for each category:
1. Reddie Spirit Abroad (wore our school t-shirt abroad or showing anything that represents out school)
2. People & Portraits
3. Landscapes
4. Global Classroom
And there will also be a people's choice award which students will vote for from the pictures displayed. Winners will be announced during lunch time.

Contact Name

Verónikha Salazar


Assistant Vice-President for Student Engagement

E-Mail Address



United States

Event Access

Free and Open to the Public.