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Gustolab International

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Higher Education (university, college, community college, etc.)


Monday, November 18, 2019



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Gustolab International Food Systems and Sustainability (GLi) is a pioneering leader in developing study abroad programs, academic internships and research projects on Food Systems and Sustainability. GLi’s programs and courses focus promote critical thinking, trans-disciplinary and multicultural knowledge acquisition through field research that incorporates ethnographic analysis and interactions with communities and visits to territories that are vital for food production and food culture. Students emerge with skills and training that can be implemented in their future studies and careers (the future experts of food systems and sustainability). GLi has worked on abroad programs in collaboration with over 30 universities. Our programs include Spring, Fall and Summer programs as well as academic internships in Italy, and Summer programs in Japan and Vietnam. The participants of our programs include university as well as independent students, professionals, and scholars. #internationaleducation #globaleducation #studyabroad #internshipabroad #sustainability #foodsystems #foodstudies #Italy #Japan #Vietnam https://twitter.com/GustolabInst https://www.instagram.com/glinstitute/ www.gustolab.com

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Salem Paulos


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Free and Open to the Public.