Approaches to Intercultural Research: Big Data Media, Endangered Languages, & Global Citizenship

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University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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Thursday, November 18, 2021


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This panel will speak about applying intercultural research to develop intercultural communication training models and workshops and how it leads to global citizenship. They will also discuss the process of researching lesser-known languages and collaborating with researchers in France to compare T.V. shows in France and the U.S. Irina Golubeva, associate professor of intercultural communication, multilingualism, citizenship education, internationalization of higher education, developing intercultural competence for future career and for study abroad. She teaches and publishes in four languages: English, Hungarian, Russian, and Spanish. Professor Golubeva’s main research interests concern the development of multilingual awareness and intercultural competence, internationalisation of higher education, and conceptualization of intercultural citizenship. She will talk about her research on global citizenship, how it is developed, and what global citizenship means today. Renée Lambert-Brétière, associate professor of linguistics and French, Her research focus is on the relationship between language and culture, and on fieldwork-based documentation and description of lesser-known languages, from a typological discourse-based functional and cognitive linguistics perspective. She works on languages exhibiting very different typological profile such as: Fon (Benin), Kwoma (Papua New Guinea), Innu (Canada), Caribbean Creoles Lambert-Brétière, will speak about collaboration-based language research and the documentation of endangered language Landry Digeon Ph.D. ‘20, language, literacy, and culture, visiting lecturer at UMBC in the department of modern languages, linguistics, and intercultural communication. Digeon will discuss: Global TV series Adaptations: An AI approach to cultural representations between France and the US.

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