ACIREMA: An International Education Simulation

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Miami University

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Higher Education (university, college, community college, etc.)


Wednesday, November 17, 2021


United States

U.S. State




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Shriver Center, Miami University

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ACIREMA ( is an international education simulation designed for participants to gain insight, understanding, and perspective into the experience of entering a U.S. higher education institution as an international student. The ACIREMA (America spelled backwards) simulation will be offered as part of International Education Week 2021 to Miami employees as a Job Enrichment Learning Opportunity and/or as an opportunity to learn more about the international student experience. Participants will assume the role of an incoming student from outside the U.S. and be asked to navigate the necessary offices and processes to begin studying at Miami as an international student. A boxed lunch will also be provided for participants.

Contact Name

Karen O'Hara


Assistant Director, Communications & Marketing, Global Initiatives

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Restricted Access. Contact event organizer for details.