Image of Yakir Englander.
Yakir Englander, a Fulbright-Yitzhak Rabin Scholar, is on a mission for peace.
Dr. Gilson at her FFSB swearing-in ceremony.  She is holding a certificate printed in Braille.
"Just because you have a disability does not mean you can't do an exchange program," says Dr. Christie Gilson. Read more about how an exchange program is an opportunity for anyone.
Jesse Appell
Comedians spend much of their time learning jokes, rehearsing lines and practicing delivery. For Fulbright U.S. Student Jesse Appell, however, the first step isn’t about the lines – it’s about being proficient in Chinese.
Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Jennifer Birdsall
As a Fulbrighter Jennifer lived in Macedonia from September 2011 to July 2012-- helping to teach English and American culture in a number of classes at South East European University in Tetovo, as well as developing two of her own courses. In her spare time, Jennifer started an English club, in partnership with Read Across America, at the American Corner in Tetovo for young Macedonians.
Fulbright Specialist Michael Flamm
Exchange Programs Bring Culture and Diversity to Life For Grantees’ Families
Eduardo Bendek (right) and the Optical Outreach Abroad team gathers at the Paranal Observatory platform during sunset.
The outreach abroad program sought not only to engage optical scientists and engineers, but to also make a lasting impact on local high school students.