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Volunteering to Create Change

I learned to see things that I never noticed before. I became a new person ready to do something good and helpful for people.

After FLEX, ‘There is Absolutely Nothing I Can’t Do’

Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program participant Anton Meshkov traveled from a bustling city in Russia to the small, sprawling American city of Shevlin, MN.

Reading Connects Communities in the U.S. and Macedonia

As a Fulbrighter Jennifer lived in Macedonia from September 2011 to July 2012-- helping to teach English and American culture in a number of classes at South East European University in Tetovo, as well as developing two of her own courses. In her spare time, Jennifer started an English club, in partnership with Read Across America, at the American Corner in Tetovo for young Macedonians.

Milton Glaser Fulbright Student to Italy, 1952

Video still from the Milton Glaser Fulbright Student to Italy, 1952 video

Milton Glaser is the artist most famous for creating the "I ♥ NY" symbol. He went to Bologna, Italy in 1952 on a Fulbright to "learn how to draw". In this video, Mr. Glaser discusses Fulbright - "the most profound experience of your life" - and his career.

Jonathan Franzen - Fulbright Student to Germany, 1981

Video still from the Jonathan Franzen - Fulbright Student to Germany, 1981

American writer and novelist Jonathan Franzen - who received a Fulbright U.S. Student Program award to Germany in 1981 for a project in creative writing - discusses his Fulbright experience and its impact on his career. Mr. Franzen is interviewed by recently-returned Fulbright Alumnus Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, whose Fulbright U.S. Student award to Germany in 2009 was also for a project in creative writing.