Community Service Project

Name of Organization

Amchit Public High School

Type of Organization

K-12 School


Thursday, November 15, 2018


Haret Sakhr

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In brief, students are going to visit their peers in Jounieh Public High School ,which provides afternoon classes. This visit takes place on Thursday, the 15th of November. Students are going to shed light on generation gap particularly the problems teenagers face with their parents through a powerpoint presentation. Then, students are going to lead a discussion with grades 10& 11 students. Later, students are going to role play portraying real life situations between parents and teenagers. In the end, students are going to check their peers’ understanding through a multiple choice quiz, and they are going to distribute flyers focusing on what they should /shouldn’t do. In the end, students will cherish the moment through a picture taken with the posters as background, and they express their gratitude to the director, teachers and students..m

Contact Name

Nataly Azzi


Amideast teacher

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Event Access

Free and Open to the Public.