About the Image Database


The Image Database provides illustrations of categories of objects restricted from importation into the U.S. It is organized by country. The categories for each country follow the organization set forth in its Designated List, which is the authoritative description of restrictions.

The introductory page for each country’s set of images (see links, this page) provides an outline of categories subject to import restriction, and sources for the images. Not all categories are illustrated.

Highlighted category names in the outline on the introductory page are linked to arrays of thumbnail images illustrating that category. Each thumbnail image is linked to an individual record containing a larger image and the information in a set of fields based on those established in Object ID:

Country of origin.
Designated List Section
Number and name of the section of the Designated List of categories subject to import restriction.
Date of Import Restriction
Month/Day/Year on which import restrictions for the category of object in the Designated List took effect.
Type of Object
Short phrase or word that describes the type of object (e.g., mask, vessel, tool, sculpture, weapon, personal ornament, clothing, etc.)
The material(s) that make up the object (e.g. ceramic, gold, bone, stone).
In centimeters, the range of size of typical objects of this type.
Date or Period
When the object was made, usually by cultural period.
The name of the maker of an object. Often a cultural group, e.g. Maya, Khmer, Etruscan, etc.
Source of the image: institution, publication, photographer.
Holder of the copyright, restrictions on use, and where to seek permission to reproduce the image. A copyright statement is found on each country's image collection introductory page.
Description of Object Category
Description of the range of items in a specific category, including the variety of shapes, colors, and decoration; location of production or distribution; special function; and other notable features characteristic of these items.

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